Formula BMW UK Champions Share Final Podium

The final prize presentation of the 2006 Formula BMW UK Championship fittingly saw Fortec Motorsport’s Niall Breen and Henry Arundel standing at the summit of the Overall and Rookie Cup podia, having each emerged victorious in this afternoon’s Round 20.

Both celebrated in style having already won their respective titles, with Breen crowned last time out at Knockhill and Arundel securing the point he needed in the day’s first race.

Earlier in the day, Oliver Turvey won Round 19 to make it five wins a row and Matt Hamilton (Coles Racing) emerged top Rookie.

Breen was thrilled with his performance in the season finale: “I was determined to finish with a win so it’s great to end on the top step of the podium. It’s been a great year and now I’m really looking forward to the World Final in Valencia at the end of November!”

Oliver Turvey was delighted to finish his season with a first and a second, and importantly secure second place in the championship, having held off the challenge from Niall Breen (Fortec Motorsport) in the morning race and fought his way past Michael Meadows (Master Motorsport) to regain second after dropping back to third following a bad start from pole in Round 20.
 “I would have liked both wins but today but my results took me from fourth to second in the Championship, so I couldn’t have done anymore,” Turvey said.

Meadows ended a good weekend with two podium finishes, securing second and third, and briefly led Round 20 after making a great start from second to beat Turvey into Copse for the first time. A charging Breen then took the lead from him before Turvey eventually found a way through, but after a recent spell of bad results Meadows was happy to be racing back up the front.

Henry Arundel was crowned Formula BMW UK Rookie of the Year 2006 after a painstaking end to the first race as he dropped down the field with a slow puncture on his front left tyre. The chequered flag came just in time, his eleventh place finish sealing the Rookie Cup by one point from Kimiya Sato (Rowan Motor Racing Ltd). He ended the day in style however, bouncing back to claim the Rookie victory in the final race of the year.

 “I’m so happy to be Rookie Cup Champion as I was little nervous this morning”, commented a clearly delighted Arundel, “I thought I had won the Rookie Cup in race one but it’s really hard to do the maths while you’re driving out there!”

 “The team have been fantastic and I can’t wait to go for the championship with them next year now!” 
 Matt Hamilton (Coles Racing) also gained his second Rookie Cup win of the year in Round Nineteen, dicing with the more experienced racers, Jonathan Legris (Motaworld Racing) and Michael Patrizi (Motaworld Racing) up at the front.

The drivers can now relax before one final outing, as they head off to Valencia to challenge the global competitors from the German, American and Asian Formula BMW Championships in the Formula BMW World Final on 24th - 26th November.

Results – Round 19 – 22 Laps = 36.06 miles.

Pos Driver   Nat Team    Time
1. Oliver Turvey  GB (Team Loctite)  21:45.089
2. Niall Breen   IRL (Fortec Motorsport)  21:45.576
3. Michael Meadows  GB (Master Motorsport)  21:50.971
4. Ross Curnow   GB (Nexa Racing)   21:54.043
5. Euan Hankey   GB (Fortec Motorsport)  21:59.347
6. Matthew Hamilton  GB (Coles Racing)  R 22:00.325
7. Greg Mansell   GB (Mansell Motorsport) R 22:02.406
8. Michael Patrizi  AUS (Motaworld Racing)  22:03.371
9. Kimiya Sato   J (Rowan Motor Racing) R 22:08.784
10. Chris Holmes   GB (Mackie Motorsport)  22:09.710
11. Daniel Murray  GB (Filsell Motorsport)  R 22:14.353
12. Jack Clarke   GB (Nexa Racing)  R 22:17.649
13. Tom Dunstan   GB (Nexa Racing)  R 22:18.144
14. Daniel McKenzie  GB (Promatecme – RPM) 22:18.175
15. Henry Arundel GB (Fortec Motorsport) R 22:20.386
16. Roger Orgee   GB (Filsell Motorsport)  R 22:28.137
17. Marcus Weller  GB (Promatecme – RPM) 22:28.633
18. Leo Mansell   GB (Mansell Motorsport)  22:39.477

Not classified:
Niall Quinn   IRL (Carlin Motorsport)  R 20 Laps
Philipp Eng   GB (Carlin Motorsport)  16 Laps
Jonathan Legris  GB (Motaworld Racing)  13 Laps
Fastest Lap
Niall Breen (Fortec Motorsport) 58.455, 100.93mph, 162.44kph 
Pole Position – Oliver Turvey (Team Loctite) 58.439

Results – Round 20 – 22 Laps = 36.06 miles
Pos Driver   Nat Team    Time
1. Niall Breen   IRL (Fortec Motorsport)    21:52.370
2. Oliver Turvey   GB (Team Loctite)  21:56.999
3. Michael Meadows  GB (Master Motorsport)  21:58.439
4. Jonathan Legris  GB (Motaworld Racing)  22:02.068
5. Henry Arundel  GB (Fortec Motorsport) R 22:02.394
6. Ross Curnow   GB (Nexa Racing)   22:04.820
7. Euan Hankey   GB (Fortec Motorsport)  22:06.271
8. Greg Mansell   GB (Mansell Motorsport)  22:06.593
9. Matthew Hamilton  GB (Coles Racing)  R 22:08.234
10. Chris Holmes   GB (Mackie Motorsport)  22:10.374
11. Kimiya Sato   J (Rowan Motor Racing) R 22:10.695
12. Daniel Murray  GB (Filsell Motorsport)  R 22:12.824
13. Niall Quinn   IRL (Carlin Motorsport)  R 22:16.719
14. Philipp Eng   GB (Carlin Motorsport)  22:17.510
15. Jack Clarke   GB (Nexa Racing)  R 22:23.573
16. Daniel McKenzie  GB (Promatecme – RPM) 22:24.971
17. Tom Dunstan   GB (Nexa Racing)  R 22:29.131
18. Marcus Weller  GB  (Promantecme –RPM) 22:29.875
19. Roger Orgee   GB (Filsell Motorsport)  R 22:30.577
20. Leo Mansell   GB (Mansell Motorsport)  22:43.765

Not classified:
Michael Patrizi  AUS (Motaworld Racing)  15 Laps

R indicates driver eligible for Rookie Cup

Fastest Lap
Henry Arundel (Fortec Motorsport) 58.865, 100.23mph, 100.02kph 
Pole Position – Oliver Turvey (Team Loctite) 58.432

Championship Points Tables

1. Breen (9 wins) 304, 2. Turvey (5 wins) 209, 3.Curnow  (2 win) 203, 4. Hankey (2 wins) 188,  5. Meadows 151, 6. Oakes (1 win) 136, 7. Legris 90, 8. Patritzi 73, 9. Arundel 63, 10. Sato 39.

1. Arundel 276, 2. Sato 245, 3. Quinn 231,  4. G Mansell 201, 5. Hamilton 189, 6. Clarke 131, 7. Murray 86, 8. Dunstan 75, 9. Orgee 65, 10. Weller 58.

1. Fortec Motorsport 510, 2. Nexa Racing 204, 3. Team Loctite 202, 4. Carlin Motorsport 180,  5. Motaworld Racing 165, 6. Master Motorsport 151, 7. Rowan Motor Racing Ltd 39, 8. Mackie Motorsport 38, 9. Coles Racing 36, 10. Filsell Motorosport 31.

The Formula BMW World Final will now take place in Valencia, Spain, on 24th - 26th November.

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